Lip-tie and Tongue-tie(Frenectomy)

Lip-tie and Tongue-tie(Frenectomy)

Lip-tie/Tongue-tie Frenectomy:

Dr. Sethi specializes in Lip-tie/tongue-tie frenectomy procedures. She is one of the few dentists who offer this service around this area. She is a professional dentist who has been performing frenectomy procedures from the last 8 years.

Lip-tie Frenectomy: 

What is a lip-tie frenectomy? It is a procedure that is used to separate the labial frenum from the gum tissue. Basically, it releases a lip-tie that restricts the movement of your child’s tongue and allows more mobility of lip around the upper front teeth. Lip ties are a significant cause of nursing problems. A lip tie frenectomy is a quick and convenient way to help your baby breastfeed better. It’s a minor procedure done in the office, that helps reduce health problems caused by tight, restrictive ties.

Tongue-tie Frenectomy:

If you have a condition that makes it difficult to pronounce certain sounds and words, you’re not alone. It’s known as tongue-tie or ankyloglossia, and it affects about 5% of the population. What is a tongue-tie? A tongue-tie, or lip-tie, is a shortened frenulum that tethers the top of your baby’s tongue to the floor of his mouth. You may have heard it called ankyloglossia.

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